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Introducing UADA (U-A-DUH)

Formally known as Urban Aesthetics by Derek Arnell.

The new, innovative way to appeal to the minimal aesthetic while making an impactful difference in ones skin.


Our motto still stands: "Where quality & sustainability meet innovation. This applies far beyond skincare, it's a lifestyle.

UADA will continue to enforce wellness from the pores resting on your skin, to the thoughts that cross our minds.

It's your world we live in, not the other way around.

At UADA, we're always working to create new skincare that aligns with hormonal occurrences & seasonal changes. Wether it be researching new ingredients or lab testing products, we do this for u.

Remember, we can't spell UADA without U.

Enter the Haus & experience the new standard of beauty & small business skincare.